Thursday, August 27, 2009

World's First Real-time Fashion Search Engine

/24-7/ -- Go to "That's So Swag" is the hottest new Twitter application that keeps you up to date on what "tweeple" are buzzing about right now in the world of fashion., a new online shopping site that uses Twitter to reach out to their 18-24 female demographic, came up with the real-time fashion engine in response to the spam filled searches that kept turning up whenever they tried to search Twitter for fashion news.

Says Carlos Rodriguez, Viva Swag's Creative Director and the designer of and, "In order for Viva Swag to be relevant, it was very important for our merchandisers to be able to key into top fashion news among celebrities as well as everyday women. But, every time we ran a search on Twitter, it would be filled with spam, and it would take hours to wade through."

With the help of Pablo Bornacin, Viva Swag's top programmer, they put their heads together and began brainstorming on a way to bring a clean and easy search that would be useful to Viva Swag as well as the rest of the Twitter community. They came up with an idea to use Twitter's already prolific "Trending Topic" (Trending topics are the topics that are most talked about on Twitter) so that people can search fashion trending topics as well as related products.

Bornacin says: " is extremely user friendly. EVERYONE, even those without a Twitter account, can search the hottest news and products in the world of fashion."

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