Wednesday, August 12, 2009

National Cyber Security Alliance Calls on All Americans to Promote Cybersecurity Awareness

/PRNewswire/ -- The National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA) one of the primary promoters of National Cyber Security Awareness Month each October, launched a Web portal ( to encourage broad-based participation in education and awareness activities this year.

"The theme of National Cyber Security Awareness Month this year is "Our Shared Responsibility," said Michael Kaiser, executive director of the NCSA. "We can only secure cyber space if everyone gets involved in making sure that all computer users engage in safe and secure practices to protect the computers and networks they use. October is a rallying point for everyone to get involved in educating their employees, customers, students, neighbors, friends, and family. The portal is designed to make participation easy."

The user-friendly site provides a wealth of collateral to foster participation in National Cyber Security Awareness Month. From printable collateral to school curriculum for volunteers, the Web site is divided into easily navigable sections with ideas and opportunities for spreading safe and secure online practices including:

-- Customizable Posters: For the first time, there is a special National
Cyber Security Awareness Month poster that is customizable with a logo
or a message to help promote local activities.
-- Wide Variety of Media Tools: Other information and resources include
Web banners, brochures, and tip sheets for helping everyone build
awareness programs to help spread the word about how computer users
can protect themselves and our Internet infrastructure.
-- Endorsement Forms: Organizations, companies, and government agencies
can show their commitment to cybersecurity by endorsing National Cyber
Security Awareness month through an online endorsement form. Endorsers
can have their logo and web link on NCSA's website
-- School Volunteer Program Templates and Curriculum: Reaching young
people is critical and companies and individuals are encouraged to
help young people stay safe online. NCSA's Cyber Security Awareness
Volunteer Education (C-SAVE) program is designed to help schools fill
the gap in cybersecurity education. C-SAVE volunteers are provided
with classroom presentations created by a former teacher.
Presentations are available for grades K-2, 3-5, and 6-12 and focus on
educating young people about cybersecurity and online safety issues.
-- Event Calendar: The NCSA keeps a robust calendar of National Cyber
Security Awareness Month events and welcomes submissions through a new
online form.

NOTE: All NCSA materials are free and there is no cost for endorsements or event listings.

President Obama recently released the "Cyberspace Policy Review" calling for a national campaign to promote cybersecurity awareness and digital literacy and to build a digital workforce for the 21st century. National Cyber Security Awareness Month compliments the President's public awareness priority by actively engaging public and private sector partners through events and initiatives to increase overall awareness and minimize vulnerabilities.

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