Wednesday, April 8, 2009

New Fitness Accessory for the Nintendo Wii(TM) and Wii Fit(TM)

/PRNewswire/ -- Power Play Corp has announced the launch of a new fitness accessory designed for use with the Wii(TM) and Wii Fit(TM) called Riiflex(TM). The patent-pending peripheral converts the Wii(TM) remote and Wii(TM) "nunchuck" (the alternate hand controller) into a set of dumbbells giving the users the resistance of weights while still allowing access to of all controller functions.

The Riiflex(TM) dumbbells will be initially sold in pairs with preorder pricing set to $34.95 per set of two, 2-pound weights and $39.95 per set of two, 4-pound weights. The 2-pound (1 Kilo) sets are scheduled to begin shipping summer 2009 with preorders being priority filled on a first-come first-serve basis. Announcements regarding the shipping dates of the 4-pound (2 Kilo) units are forthcoming.

Company founder and creator of the Riiflex(TM) Paul Holcomb stated, "We wanted to develop a product line of quality fitness gear that can extend the functionality of the growing number of fitness titles for the Wii(TM) and Wii Fit(TM). We believe the Wii Fit(TM) is tapping into a large market demand to make gym time feel more like play time. We are dedicated to develop products that help people meet this need."

Within 48 hours of revealing an early stage prototype to a handful of sources earlier this year, the product concept was featured on major gadget blogs and within a week was picked up by hundreds more nationally and internationally, creating an early demand for the product. Since then, the Riiflex(TM) has undergone an intense design and engineering process to ensure the final product reflects the highest standards of durability, safety and functionality.

"The Riiflex(TM) product was created to provide additional resistance for exercise games on the Wii(TM) console and is not recommended for all games. We have been in contact with game developers and look forward to future announcements regarding game titles," said Holcomb.

The product was designed as a traditional alternative for resistance bands. "Resistance bands can be convenient but they have their limitations. They typically require use of another body part to provide resistance and do not provide added weight needed for lower body exercises like lunges," stated Holcomb. "As more Wii(TM) fitness games are released that track controller movement, we feel that the Riiflex(TM) product will become a vital part of people's in-home fitness on the Wii(TM)."

Power Play Corp's mission is to develop a family of products that make exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle feel more like entertainment and less like work. The company is comprised of award-winning product designers, engineers, and professionals who are dedicated to developing products that are as innovative in function as they are in form. Power Play Corporation is based in Atlanta, Georgia. Find out more about Riiflex at

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