Thursday, March 5, 2009

Laser Atlanta Receives Patent for Bluetooth Laser Mapping

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Building on its commitment to provide innovative laser mapping solutions, Laser Atlanta™, the authentic original™, today announced that it received a U.S. patent for its new, breakthrough wireless mapping product technology.

U.S. 7,493,086 covers the wireless transmission of data in laser mapping applications used by engineers, defense, law enforcement and other government agencies. The technology covered in the patent greatly increases the efficiency of the mapping process by combining the laser range finding and mapping operations with wireless communication technologies such as Bluetooth®.

“Laser technology has proven to be more accurate than GPS applications when it comes to local site and accident mapping,” said James Kelly, President and CEO of Laser Atlanta. Our new, patent-protected wireless mapping application automatically sends target location information to the data collector, greatly reducing the time necessary to communicate each shot. This product provides the precision of lasers with the ease of less accurate GPS products.”

The new technology allows the data collection device to be operated by the person who marks each target for entry. This new efficiency also provides for more accurate descriptions of targets because they are entered by the person closest to them. Such improvements in efficiency can prove especially beneficial at times when there is heavy traffic and the officers have to clear out the roads that have been blocked by an accident.

Further, there are significant advantages to this in the civil engineering, intelligent traffic systems, road construction, building demolition, land surveying and law enforcement fields. For example, considerable time savings would apply to the application of this technology to documenting various as-built projects, mapping debris fields and accident sites, and creating local site maps for various development projects.

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All SpeedLasers® and LiDAR are laser-based as opposed to RADAR, providing several advantages including the ability to target a single vehicle on busy roadways. SpeedLasers use Laser Atlanta’s superior, exclusive technology that records accuracy validated readings of the targeted vehicle’s true speed in just 0.3 seconds. The result of these unique processes is speeding motorists have no chance of detecting the SpeedLaser or slowing down before a speed reading is recorded up to 7000 feet away. Advantage™ product line is used for various GIS mapping and measuring applications.

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