Thursday, December 4, 2008

Rapid Routers Receives Patents for Green Technology Improvements

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Rapid Routers LLC announced today that it has been issued its first patent and believes it will soon have four more patents issued to the Atlanta firm. Rapid Routers produces technology that enables routers to select network routes more efficiently and, in certain cases, reduce power consumption by 90%. All these technologies reduce the network provider’s carbon footprint.

“The issuance of patents confirms we continue to be on the right track,” says Dennis Mitrano, president of Rapid Routers. “There are a total of nine patents and applications in the Rapid Routers portfolio. Our technology greatly increases efficiency and reduces consumed power which has a significant effect on a network service provider’s total costs while supporting a greener environment.” The technology development was led by Dr. Sartaj K. Sahni, Distinguished Professor and Chair of the Information Science and Engineering Department at the University of Florida.

Rapid Routers, a portfolio company of IP2Biz LLC, has been working with router manufacturers, semiconductor manufacturers, and has had direct discussions with network service providers. “We project that Internet traffic will increase six fold by the year 2012 with more large images, video clips and movies being transferred through routers,” continues Mitrano. “Our technology will allow networks to better handle traffic congestion.”

The Rapid Routers technology works efficiently and can be selectively applied to routers with specific congestion, thus not requiring a complete network overhaul. The technology eliminates the need for overlay network routing schemes because it works with both IPv4 and IPv6 addressing schemes. The result is significant throughput improvement with reduced energy consumption. “This team has made a quantum leap in efficiency for algorithms used in network routers,” says Mitrano. The portfolio of technologies is licensed exclusively to Rapid Routers from the University of Florida.

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